Product lifecycle management and risk assessment made easy

Product Lifecycle Management and good state-of-the-art manufacturing practices are essential for products such as packaging and other consumer goods, food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, drinking water, and construction.

If the conformity with legal requirements is not fulfilled,  economic consequenzes will follow, e.g. by recalling a product. Companies are faced with the challenge of digitally mapping their processes and products in order to manufacture competitive and legally compliant products. This results from the requirements of good manufacturing practice, amongst other things.

  • Declarations of compliance quick and easy

  • Worst case calculation in seconds

  • Simple and intuitive operation

  • Transparent, verifiable processes

With ComplianceBASE we offer you a high-end database solution for compliance management in order to centrally and transparently organize the administration of raw material information and recipes through to conformity assessment and the creation of declarations of conformity.

For an efficient and secure compliance workflow.

The Compliance BASE ™ supports companies:

  • in their strategic business planning

  • to act sustainably

  • to follow a good manufacturing practice (GMP)

  • to be on the cutting edge of technology and science

  • in strengthening innovation processes and a continuous improvement

  • to respond flexibly to changes in daily business

  • in the implementation of a systematic compliance strategy

  • in identifying and assessing health, safety and environmental risks associated with their raw material, product and process portfolios

tailor-made for your company thanks to modular design

Thanks to its modular structure, the Compliance BASE TM can be used in various industries.
We offer separate modules for each industry, which contain the corresponding regulatory databases and substance directories.

Main modules of the Compliance BASETM

  • Substance database with more than 130,000 chemical substances including physico-chemical parameters
  • Regulary database with over 3,500 legal texts and recommendations
  • Individual substances are linked to relevant legislations (EU, DE, CH, US, CN, Mercosur), including applicable limit values and restrictions

In the MaterialBASE you can create your own recipes, raw materials and articles with any hierarchy or import them from your ERP system.

  • Management and maintenance of mixtures, multi-layer composites and composite materials or articles
  • Complete documentation of raw materials and products as well as their composition and structure
  • Functions for editing, copying and deleting recipes (eg raw materials, semi-finished products and end products)
  • Grouping of alternative materials at every level
  • Mass balance and worst-case calculations at all levels

Management of test reports and results.

  • Management of material-related migration and other test results
  • Manage Migration Calculations
  • Predefined test conditions and simulants
  • Maintenance of screening analyzes
  • Management of analysis and laboratory reports

Document management with notification functions

  • Management of supplier documentation
  • Management of own documents
  • Reference to any recipe ingredients / materials
  • Functions for monitoring the up-to-dateness of supplier documents
  • Versioning of the documents

Optional add-on modules

In addition to the main modules, our add-on modules allow you to flexibly adapt the ComplianceBASE ™ to your company’s needs.

  • Connection of the ComplianceBASE to your existing ERP system
  • Material-related individual imports of selected products, including their recipes
  • Transfer of technical material properties

Module for the numerical simulation of migration – as an extension of the “worst-case” calculation

  • Calculation possible at every level of the recipe hierarchy
  • Any application conditions (contents, time, temperature)
  • Simulation of complex multilayer composites including functional barrier
Management of unintentionally introduced substances (NIAS)

  • Management of NIAS (not intentionally introduced substances)
  • Import of NIAS from GC / MS data in MSP file format as well as manual input possible
  • Import of quantitative data to NIAS in CSV file format (customized)
  • Link from screening tests and NIAS to materials (raw materials, semi-finished products or end products)
  • Spectral comparison of NIAS with common mass spectral libraries in NIST format
  • Spectral comparison of new NIAS with the existing NIAS in the module
  • Material reference from NIAS to support identification
  • Link from NIAS on identification proposals of known substances from the chemPROFILER substance database
  • Link from NIAS to the identified substance from the chemPROFILER substance database

Management of specification-relevant properties at all levels

  • Definition and management of technical properties
  • Complete care of properties for raw materials and products
  • Linking existing standards at every level
  • Output of the technical specification based on predefined templates

Industry-specific content modules

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