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Our vision –
Compliance on Demand

More efficiency and transparency for your innovation workflow

Our team has been developing solutions for more than 10 years to manage and simplify complex business processes using state-of-the-art database technologies and web-based software essential to the success of a business.

Our products help you to optimize innovation processes and increase the efficiency of your company.

We specialize in the following sectors: packaging and other consumer goods, food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, drinking water and construction.

Your success is our goal

You have your business under control – this is supported by a merchandise management system.
But what about product innovation and its conformity and specification?
Have you thought of a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system?

By combining our individual modules, we can offer you a PLM system that is exactly tailored to your needs.
We support you in the realization of your goals.

The PLM system for your business success.

We look forward to your call.



Dipl. Ing. Stephan Gürtler

Phone: +49 (0) 821 – 455491-0


October 2018

Renaming of the PSI.Cube GmbH to the MDCTec Science GmbH

Moving to the new office space in martinipark

Foundation of the PSI.Cube GmbH

Foundation of the MDCTec Services GmbH

Release of the ComBASE

Relocation of the headquarters to Augsburg

Release of the ComplianceBASE

Opening of a branch in Augsburg

Foundation of the MDCTec Systems GmbH based in Gilching

Foundation of hte MDCTec Ltd.

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